Mar 26, 2012


there is a fog, sinking into my mind.

i can't see thru it, left to wander.

left to wonder, how do I lift this?

a constant struggle, my emotions have gone rogue.


Mar 19, 2012

slippery roads, reduce speed.

it's been a while, i know.

this is a photo i took last week, finishing up a roll of film.
i loved the raindrops on the windshield, and how it gives such
beautiful texture.

i also like the contrast of green with orange,
nature with man-made things,
light and dark,
and of course, all the movement.

hope this photo finds you well.


Jan 25, 2012

the joy of less: continued

perhaps you are like me, and have recently begun the journey to minimalism.
how do you find it is working out for you?
what are your hopes? to get down to 100 items? to become truly efficient and frugal and only have what you need, no more, no less?

my goal with minimalism is to have a space (my apartment), that feels open and relaxing,
without being bogged down with STUFF.

one way i've accomplished this is to get rid of most of my dvd's and cd's.
before this journey, things were mostly organized in cute little IKEA boxes.
but, as you may know, boxes can be a catch-all for things.
your rooms may look organized, but YOU know that everything inside those boxes is just junk.
(at least, that's how it was in my case)

several of my boxes were filled with DVDs, music CDs, and CDs that had lots of old photos.
having Netflix has help me reduce my DVD collection down to my 3 favorites, as i can stream movies instantly and go to Blockbuster if i ever feel the need to watch a particular movie (which is very rare).
iTunes has been helpful to replace my favorite CDs digitally, but i still keep a binder of a bunch that i haven't digitally-replaced yet.
and.. last but not least, Dropbox has been an amazing way for me to store digital photos and documents, so that i can finally get rid of TWO boxes of loose CDs. phew! 

it is so freeing to empty those boxes.

what are your tips and tricks for paring down? i would LOVE to hear them!



Jan 24, 2012

the joy of less

2011 was a very productive year.
i paid off all of my credit card debt (my only debt), which was my new year's resolution,
i bought my first car, new-to-me, for a super deal,
i finally discovered my dream career -- development director for a nonprofit,
and among other things, i've started my journey towards minimalism. 

the book, "The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life" by Francine Jay (long title for a book on minimalism, don't you think?) was a huge inspiration to start the process.

the book helped me let go of an incredible amount of STUFF that i was holding onto, which no longer served a useful purpose, and has transformed the way i shop (that, in itself, is a miracle).

after redecorating my room with lots of cute little things, i realized that it was too much visual clutter for me.
even though my room was clean, all the THINGS seemed to weigh me down, and i couldn't relax.
how much do we really, truly, need? 
the answer: a lot less than you'd think.

it's said that we use/wear 20% of our items/clothes 80% of the time.. so try applying that to all your things and clothes, and see how far it gets you.

minimalism is different for everybody, and that is important to keep in mind.
to one person, a bedroom with just a bed, nightstand, and lamp would seem like to little,
but to another (such as myself), that is the perfect amount of things in a bedroom.
it's all relative.

one of the first places i started paring down was my wardrobe.
it was much-needed, as i was holding on to clothes that no longer fit properly, made me feel good, and loooots of clothes were in my closet that i never, ever, wore.
paring down my closet is still something i'm working on, and in her book, Francine Jay says that it's not just a single-step process. sometimes you have to go through your clothes (or other things) several times to really pare down. 
this was definitely true for me.
currently, my closet consists of a few pairs of jeans, v-neck tees, long-sleeved tees, a few "fun" tops and dresses, and only enough work clothes to get thru the week.
no more, no less. and that's enough for me.
i've stopped worrying about what i'm going to wear, because.. who really cares?

this brings up the concept of a 'personal uniform' -- a signature style that is worn daily, which cuts down on that time in the morning where you dig through your closet, wondering what to wear.. and also ensures that you are using more of your wardrobe.
(mine, for example, is now a v-neck tee with jeans and TOMS shoes. it is, perhaps, on the boring side, but i don't really mind) 

later on i'll post about how i've pared down most of my possessions, and hope it helps anyone who is starting their journey towards minimalism.